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Michael Smit (7 )  (dutch)

Foto's van Sem Voogt (18 months) (dutch)

Foto's van David de Graaf (3 - 13 years) (dutch)

The lifestory of Inge Schot (dutch)

"Youri, our kid with DS" (dutch)

Homepage of Brenda Bouwman (dutch)

just having Down-Syndrom
Jonathans page

Duco, a boy witd DS (dutch)

Max's homepage (dutch)

Rick Zethof (dutch)

De homepage van Jay (dutch/english)

de homepage van Kai Wezendonk (dutch)

 de homepage van Milou (dutch/english)

de website van Manon (dutch and french)

Anniek is a kid with Spina Bifida


poetry by Anja van Loo
mother of 2 handicapt kids

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