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decembre 3rd

Sinterklaas is in Holland for those who missed it. Well in my house there's no way you could have missed it. Everything is about presents. 
It's Summers first Sinterklaas.



On the lap of Sinterklaas
(no likeness to Santa , is there?)


Merel is excersising with her doll

Summer is doing her excercises and get's angry when it doesnt go her way. Merel is acting the same with her doll. She excercises on the ball and her doll perticepates. Summers laugh is great to hear, Thats how she steals hearts and she knows that.

The second visit with the eardoctor went a lot better. They noticed a lot of dirt in het ears and gave something to make it softer so they could remove it.

Sinterklaas big party

She was excited for 2 weeks and sunday was the day. With daddy to the big Sinterklaas party. Every singer she liked camt to perform. She had a great time dancing around.

After a visit with Anja and Rene who have a daughter with DS  I noticed something about the way parents coop with having a child with DS.
There apear to be two kinds, the kind that accept their kid and look at a lot of things with a possitive attitude. There the ones who laugh and are in cape of making jokes about their kids and talk about other things then DS.
And the kind that are always battling about everything that happens to their child.From start till finish they take every oppurtunaty to battle with everyone who doesnt see their kid the way they want them to.
I am a fighter to but only when my common sense tells me its reasonable to fight the battle.
Anja is teh first kind, always positive and smiling. She sees Romy for what she is, with the good and the bad things.
My hope is that I am a bit more like the first kind then like the second. These are the people I feel at ease with. I always get a bad taste when I meet the attacking second ones.
They got to look in their eyes as if to say, give me a stick.

The sleeping beauties


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld