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januari 21st 2001

The emotions are roaming around inside me like they appear to be in a rollercoaster. Sometimes going up very slowly and then racing down with the speed of light. Happily the train is going upwards today. It;s strange to read all the former pages back at the time you ware going screaming down.
But those things will happen for a while.

What's happening. It's a repetition from the last weeks. Merel was angry again and she was in bed at 5 pm.
In the category of 'kids say the darndest things" she had the winning one this week. 
While combing her hair she turned her head constantly. When Arenka got fed up and told her to stay still for the third time she responded with:'and three times I didnt hear yout'. Thats enough to get the smiles on your face.

Summer was examined again. An ultrasound and a ECG ware made and she was okay apart of a little leakage at the valves.
In the Thyroxine trial Summer did an developments test and a SEP(photo's).

Suzanne, psychologist and  Paul van Trotsenburg who are conducting a SEP

the results of the SEP

Because of the Thyroxine the pulse should arrive faster in the brain then without the Thyroxine

And then the test to see how she is developing. Suzanne looked at everything that she does. Does she reach for a rattler and does she moves it. Does she follow things with her eyes.
And like all my girls it didnt go like expected. Summer was shown a book abd she was examening it carefully, turning the pages around. While Suzanne tried to go on with the test by taking the book and replacing it with blocks, Summer started to protest. She protested with a loud cry untill Suzanne got back the book. But then she became so enthusiastic that she hit herself with the book in her eye. And that was enough to go on alarmsound. Test over, Suzanne full of guilt and a kid with a red eye.

Through this site we made contact with the parents of Kyran. Kyran is 2 days older then Summer and a big guy compared to our little princess. Something the mum of Kyran couldnt stop talking about.
To give an indication, Summer is 58 cm and weighs about 11 pounds.V


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld