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february 10th

Summer is 6 months old now. A half year full of emotions, full of fears , with lots of ups and downs. A time to learn your friends and to realise whats important in live.
Summer is doing fine. She turnes faster and faster till she gets stuck under the couch. She laughes an hour after I told a joke and especially when she sees me. I appear to be funny. But I am proud because I get the most smiles. And thats obvious, I was there everyday.

Because of the nightly conversations Summer has, we wind her in a cloth like they used to do. She is feeling safe then a goes to sleep.

sometimes you get soooooo tired

The test to see if she hears anything failed. She appears to have fluid behind her ears.
We have admitted Summer with a Down team in the Hague. They can have a look at her to. The more the merrier.

Merel is more at ease. But still as smart mouthed as always.
When we took a look at pre school she was in love with the little toilets.


At last a picture of Summer in the present she got from Connie who lives in Australia. She is a darling who we only know through ICQ. Its so special that someone I dont know personally takes the time and effort to send us a present. This week I understood that the vest she has on was intended for the daughter Connie never had. She had a son named Jordan. And we ware special enough to send the vest that was reserved for her girl.
Just like the little remarks people make, the hand on your shoulder, that are the moments that makes you understand that you are blessed.


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld