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february 20th

Summer is 7 months old now. And it's time to write something again.
Today ,after many times trying, she opened her mouth to eat a bite of fruit. Before this she always kept her mouth shut tight and I has to push the spoon in., And she seemed to enjoy it. At this moment she is in her chair just grinning. There's always something to laugh about. Especially when grandad does his trics.

Last week we swam for the first time. At dads work there's a great pool, nice and warm. We swam with some other kids who have a handicap., and mostly their mums. No dads, as ussual

The warm water is so nice

Last sunday Summer's friend Rick had his first birthday and his baptismal at the same moment. He invited Summer and Merel at his party to. The party was great.
In church Merel started asking when the birdician (magician) would come. (in dutch a magician is a 'goochelaar' and someone who has something with birds a 'vogelaar'). When the priest talked about Jesus, Merel asked me where he was, looking and searching around at the same time.(for the record, we aren't believers ourselves so she never comes in church). Merel really loved little Rick and wanted to play with him al the time.
And above this all, we don't have to worry about a suitable marriage candidate anymore. Thats all been taken care of by Ilse, Ricky's mum. We just have to wait and see if Summer and Rick feel the same in about twenty years time.
At the party we met the parents of Camiel. Very nice people who tell the same emotional stories that we told. Camiel just had heart surgery and that kept me busy the last weeks. It all comes back again in those moments. When I saw him for the first time in church and on top of this, there was a song written especially for him and Summer in the book of pray, it all got to me. At those moments you realise that al emotions fire up in the flick of a moment. Just touching the right button and 'bang' there there.

My future son-in-law's party was great. I had a private little talk with him about the things of live. He understood. This little guy is okay. Summer's got a good match with him.