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April 6th 2001

The first visits to the childrens hospital in The Hague are over. We went to the NET doctor to excamine her ears again. And the knowledge about Down is much better here. And so my fear that you have to watch every step of doctors and if there's any doubt you should take your children to someone who has the knowledge. 
Fluids behind her eardrums?? How can they know? The test where the use airpressure isn't accurate at all. The hearing tube is to small and flexible to have a good outcome of such a test. 
The doctor here decided to an BER, BEAR, BERA test or whatever name they give to it.

Its very comfy in my new carseat.

And within 2 days the appointment was made for the test. Next tuesday? great.
Before the test was taken, Summer had a little medicine to make her sleepy. And sleepy she got but falling asleep. thats something the Breedeveldjes don't do so easily.
But the ladies who took the test ware very patient. So they put the litlle tapes on her head and put on the headset. No lullabies but a monotone clicking. And the miracle happened, she fell asleep. Maybe those clicks should be put on a compact disc.

The test (Brain Ear Response) consists of applying clicking sounds in different volumes. De electrodes registrer if the sounds reaches the brain. So a very accurate way of looking if Summer hears anything.
Well in the meanwhile we found out that she hears. When we call her name she turnes her head instantly.

The BER test, having a nap, didn't feel a thing.

Childcare is taken care of to now. Ilse, mother of Rick, has her way now. Summer and Rick are in the same group in childcare center Snoopy.
At the information evening, where Rick's parents ware present to, the manager talked with so much enthousiasm that I am sure that Summer is in a good place.
We allready bought the first school shirt.

I'm a Snoopy Girl..