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20 april 2001

The results of the Ber-test are in and what we feared has come true. Summer has a significant loss of hearing.  She looses about 50 db and in an normal conversation we talk at a level of 70 db. So its clear that she doesn't hear a greater part of that.
Such a loss isn't just a middle ear problem but has to be an inner ear problem also. So we shall have to get her an hearing aid in time.

After such a tiding you feel down. Another extra problem.
A good friend wrote a good description in a mail.
Having a child with Down's is like a great adventure. That adventure leads you through a big forest, the Down woods. In that forest there are dark and light spots. The dark and unknown ones aren't that nice. That's where the gnomes and little monsters are. They jump on your back to tell you that your kid has another problem. And just now the ear gnome fell out of a tree.

Happily enough there are a lot of bright and sunny spots to. Thats where the elves fly. They make your child laugh. They cheer when your child turnes around or grabs something for the first time. En they whisper in your ear that she is special, one of them. A litlle elve without wings, a little slow but very happy.

you get so angry if the cupboard won't go aside when you roll around


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