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May 5th 2001

We had a short weekend vacation. To a Center Parc where everything is taking care off. Having a swim. Summer and Merel really loved it. Merel kept on going on the slide and she had a lot of fun. The weather was great to so we had a great weekend apart from some little incidents.
Merel had one of her fits on saturdaymorning what nearly resulted in packing the bags and going home.
And on the last day dad fell what resulted in a painfull and swolen foot. Bit the rest was fine.

Lovely such a swimmingpool

The mother of Rick had a nice night out to a concert of Lionel Richie, and Rick spend the day with us. It's fun to have those 2 toddlers around. Merel played house with me and was mothering Rick and Summer. At the end off the day Rick was really tired. But a video with songs kept him happy. And our PT had a double date with those two.

to get some cooking done I turned on a video

Summer lets us know what she wants now. Vegetables an fruit is eaten but very small portions. After a few bites, her jaws are locked and there's no way to get any more in.
But custard and icecream, thats another ballgame. She tastes a little. And then her mouth opens up wide like she is a little bird. She's really taking a mickey of us.
I took out an old trick again. When Merel was a baby, she always wanted to be in my neighbourhood. To make that happen I always made her sit in a shopping crate. So when I did the shopping today and was packing out all of the stuff, I put her in there.
And she had a great time, playing with a bag of potato chips.

sitting is easy in a crate

It's saturdaymorning now. I've written enough and we are getting ready to take a walk in to town. The sun is shining. So put on a hat and lets go.
The comparison between the two sisters is getting more obvious every time we make pictures.

Isnt she adorable