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May 21st 2001

We talked about Summer's eating habits last time. She fools around when it comes to eating. Every time we try to get her to eat babyfood, fruit and vegies. But madam doesn't wanna eat that junk in it's natural form. We flavour the fruit with a lot of custard. When she has enough off that terrible tasting substance, she pulls a face like she's imitating a Downy.

But when it comes to coke or Macshakes, she attacks the cup and drinks it like crazy.

ppppffffffftttttttttt, thats out of my mouth, now bring in the shake..

She is doing better again. Really has fun standing up and she dances when she does that. The crate is going with us everywhere so she can sit. And Summer is coming and with that our mood is a little sunnier again to.
We've had some beachdays and I went to the beach with the 2 ladies. Like you are moving, all the stuff you have to carry.
A child in the Maxicosi, lots of food and drink and other beach neceseties. Summer enjoyed the cold water.

A day at the beach

Yesterday we had a little suarree with the minikern from our district. I'm not really a group kind of person but this was reaaly great. Every 2 months they have a familyday and yesterday was a great day for the beach. So we went and enjoyed the kids and the sun.

'There so sweet' is a often heared misunderstanding. They nag and bore as often as 'normal' kids.

A Downie day at the beach

I am really into the Down thing right now. Trying to find out about Nutrivene D, which is often talked about in the american groups. But it's difficult al those different opinions.I

And I went to battle again. This time with a national newspaper.
They found it necessary to put in this picture with an article about the tripletest. This is an actual issue here in the Netherlands because the health counsil recommended it would be better to have al pregnant women take it.
The picture is so far from the day to day reality we encounter and in my opinion gives the discussion a negative angle.
After mailing back and forth they promissed that they would consider an article about modern Down parents and their children.