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month 14

Octobre 5th

It's been quiet for a while. It isn't that there nothing happening here but just couldn't find the time to write. We had a little vacation.

The girls are doing fine. Summer is crawling like crazy and everything below 50 cm has to be secured. And the she shouts out when she does,t agree with my opinion.  
When I ask for a little kiss she turnes her head and shouts a loud 'Huh'. My God, just when I thought that my girl was so sweet and quiet. Children with Down are supposed to be so sweet I am told. Well mine has got an other instruction leaflet.

One of Summer's little friends had to go to the hospital because of fluid in his head. The had to operate to get rid of it. The dark Downforest is sometimes so big with so many traps. But luckily he is allright now.

Summer kijkt even naar Camiel:'gaat het nu echt weer wat beter?'

Summer really is getting famous here in Holland. She has been in different magazines with letters I wrote and now they are gonna make a real piece in her, her sister and me. With photo's and everything.
Merel is a lovely sister. Playing with Summer. Summer loves it. She is being dressed and carried through the room.

It feels so good to see our 2 girls playing with eachother.