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Octobre 26

Summer has had a new Brain Stem test. Her loss is 40 db so significant. On Novembre 13th they are gonna operate and probably put tubes in her ears.
She really is babbling now.....papa (daddy), laapen (sleeping) or tat i tat (whats that?) are some of the things she seems to be saying.

One of Summer's friends came to visit. We went to the beach together. It was a lovely spring day. But a little tragedy happened. We lost our digital camera. The one I take all the pics with. Luckily there still are honest people. They found it and reported it to the police.

Summer is a month in daycare now. She is doing great and everybody loves her. She loves to cuddle.

Merel is going to a difficult time right now. Her behaviour drives me crazy sometimes. On school she is trying to coop with the older kids. Sometimes we are afraid that Summer is just getting to much attention. So we reserved some quality time for her.

Kristel, Karen, Kathleen (K3) en Merel (M)

We, Merel and I, went to a big childrens show. One of the groups are her favourite. K3 is a belgium girl band. Merel is a real fan. She knows every song they sing.
Merel really enjoyed it all.


Month 15