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Another birthday came by of one if Summer's friends. Milou turned one so for her and her parents a very special day. 

Merel en Summer give Milou her present. Congrats  Milou!!      Rick playing with  Merel.

Rick came to stay a night. Merel really loves Rick. They can play so sweet and she coaches him when he has to do difficult things.

After all the testing, they finally decided to put tubes in Summer's ears. She had to be sedated and they had a look. Unfortanatly her ears ware to narrow to put in tubes. They cleaned her ears.

Chimpie Champ

Last sunday we had a little suaree. We all went to a playground. All the children had a great time. A few pics I laced here but the most are on our suaree site site van de minikern Leiden.

month 16