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octobre 13th

We are doing great. The day before yesterday we visited the cardiologist and she was very pleased. Our next appointment is in 2 months. We suspect that her hearing isnt so good so we want them to look at that.

Merel is fine. She in a fase where everything has to be a problem, and thats very tiring for mam and dad. We hope her sister is a bit easier when she reaches that fase.

Summer is doing better everyday. Since three days she drinks her bottles empty. When the logo came this afternoon she was pleased to see this.
So we took a gamble today and pulled the feeding tube out. At last a dauhter without tubes in her nose. A daughter who's face is showing as it is.

In the begining of this week there was a less positive thing. We went to a circle meeting from our provence. That wasn't our piece of cake. It's very confronting to see so many Downies in one place. It's a painting of the future of our kid. Especially for Arenka
I can make the distinction between those kids and Summer while she still sees them as one of a kind.

Rubbing my sister with oil

I'm not fond of these kind of meetings anyway. They give me the feeling of belonging to some kind of alien club. I dont like that group thing anyway.
Summer is Summer and I dont want to compare her with other Downies.
I noticed in meeting other parents that there are more differences than simularities. The problem is that all Downies have the same appearence and that makes that they are viewed at like some other species. And thats nonsense ofcourse. Summer is herself as much as Merel is and you dont compare Merel with every other blonde girl you know.


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