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novembre 2nd

It's quiet on the front and not much is changing. The feeding is still a strugle but as long as she gaines weight de tube is off limit. How its possible that she grows on 500 cc a week is a miracle.

In the last 2 weeks we tried to get back to a normal live. What did we do.

We visited Enschede for a little week to stay with friends. It's great to see a movie again , just to be out of the rhythym. And it's great being home again to.

trouble with the kids? just put on the PC.

The first inocculations are in to. When you visit the buro there are a lot of insecure parents who fuss about if their kid is in the right growchart. What a fuss about nothing, if your kid knows with chart to follow.
I never had any trouble with the buro that probably because I am very lear wat I want or dont want.

The physical therapist came ny for the first time. Summer loves to lie on her right side and that makes her body a bit asymetrical.. We have to correct it in a playfull way. It's strange to meet the people now as a parent where I met them before as a professional.

Merel en Rick like eachother

We wnt to visit  Rick Zethof and his parent. Merel always loves to visit people. She amazes us every time. Last week we ware watching a english program on the BBC where a 5 year old appeared with DS. In a flash Merel looked at it and said instantly 'that girl also has Down's hasn't she daddy'. 3 years of age and allready she recognizes a Downie. And without any negative tone in her voice. She the example how people can get poisened with the negative ideas about their fellow human beings.

Rick is Rick and she is playing with him. Thats the way it is. It's great to feel so at home with people who have experienced the same but treat it in another way.
We notice the little worries with parents who have their first kid and recognize it as such. The problem with having a baby with Downs as your first child is that you mix those worries.
In that perspective Merel used to give me much more stress then Summer ever did regarding to taking care of her. That seems strange regarding the future we are awaiting with Summer. It's a vague future. But everything is relative. With Merel we dont know what the future wil bring either.
With Summer there are things we know for sure. She will be retarded in some way and wil always have a dependacy from us.
Now that I write this I realise that thats the way with most kids. Arent we all a bit depended on people that surround us..
The more I think of it the more I realise Summer is more normal is then abnormal, or just because she is different like everybody else, she's normal.

Live can be so simple sometimes.


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld