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august 22nd

Sadly enough we had to leave Summer in the hospital today. Her Ped. examined her and felt she was not okay, she sounded like grasping for air. Thats why she wanted her to stay to observe her. The last few days she was very restless, sounded raw and had a high temperature. Her heart is working very hard right now and that shows.

And so she's back in the babyward but in another hospital now. The difference is so clearly. Right away the cardiologist came to see if there wasn't any infection or an pneumonia. Tomorow they're making a ultrasound and then we hope to know more. I hope the operation comes soon now, because the biggest problem will be solved then. But the doctors want to wait till she's stronger and the risk is smaller.

august 23rd

She's somewhat quieter today. It looks she has an viral infection but there not sure.
In a meeting with the cardiologist, whos very sweet in her special way, she says there monitoring her heart now to see if she can cope. The operation is gonna take pace before the age of 3 months. But sooner is an posibility. So we just wait and see.

august 25th

Summer still is in the LUMC and she has to stay there a while. She seems to make it harder and the operation is overdue.

Tuesday the surgeons and cardiologists are going to meet and then we hear more about the planning. The nurses and we think it's gonna be soon now.
Summer is having a great time, she's cuddled and the nurses sit her on their laps.

Today the NET doctor looked at her throat to look why she is so raw and is giving up every time. He thought he saw something on her vocal chordds but wasn't sure. He will check that during the operation because she's sedated then.

At home it's very easy, we feel peace with the fact that she's in the hospital and know she's taking care of.
Merel is settling down to and she's easier to handle. Today she went with dad to the carnival and she had a ride in the roundabout and the minicars. She was very happy.

In the roundabout, VROEMMMMMMMMMM

august 26th

Mommy's birthday today. But the present wasnt for mommy but for dad. Before I went to give Summer her bath she was sleeping like a rose. And then it happened, her eyes opened and daddy got the first little smile. It's indescribeble to tell what that moved inside me. The first real communication. Like today the father-daugther bond was made to never be broken. My two little girls are from this moment really my two little girls. And I am on top of the world!

august 28th

Summer goes home. She's somewhat better and there's no reason to keep her in hospital. So Arenka has picked her up and came to show her to me at my work. Wednesday, after the meeting we hope to know more. Her condition is getting worse. She perspiers a lot and thats not a very good sign.

just a little nap

august 30th

Today is the day we get to here when Summer is going to be operated. Yesterday the team has decided and the date is planned.
Today she will have a feeding pump too, again something thats taking care of in this hospital. Why is the difference between hospitals so great. Till now we have managed with hanging a serenge at a certain height to let gravity do his work. So very primitive.

While the pump is demonstrated, the Cardio calls to tell us that Summer is being operated on next week. She's so chaotic that she missed the fact we had an appointment with her this afternoon. But thats what makes her so great and human.

In the afternoon there's another ultrasound and then we hear the date. Next week, friday septembre 8th, is OR day, the day they make her heart healty again and we can start to life.
Thursday there admitting her but if we get the feeling its getting to hard on her or on us she can be admitted sooner. We both think it's better to admit her somewhat sooner because it's getting harder everyday and we are scared.

We are glad its finally gonna happen but also very afraid that it will go wrong. But we are positive and our little girl is a fighter so she will make it.


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld