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septembre 22nd

Summer is home !!!!!!
This morning we took her home. The day before yesterday the threads of the pacemaker ware pulled out of her chest and the had to watch her heart react another 12 hours because the removal of the threads could cause a bleeding in the heart. Those threads are in her heart because if her heart would start to beat irregular they could hook an device on the threads to regulate that. The next morning the monitor was taken of and a last ultrasound was made.

It was a bit thrilling for a moment because the X-ray showed a shadow but that was nothing serious.
So in the car with her sister and right away to her cousin Wesley who became 3 years old today. What a party and so cosey. Summer looked her little eyes out after 2 1/2 weeks hospital.
The tension really got to me, al the support and grief we had in the last period. In such dificult times you experience who are your friends and who not. Fortunatly there were far more people who took interest in us and gave us their support them the one or two who never called.

Cousin Wesley was so happy that 'Summetie" came to his birthday.

We hope that this is the end of all things for a while. Because the squicking is still there. We have to keep on watching that because it could mean that her trachea is damaged and it could swell what could suffacate her. For now we think that that wouldnt happen.

the first bottle at home

This is Summer's room, Snowwhite used to sleep here.


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