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month 17

January 13th 2002

The newyear has started. All the decorations are back in the box for another year and Summer is almost 1 and a half.

In the past few weeks we've been on the road. A day in Heerlen was planned to see how Yorrin and his family ware doing. Heerlen is about a 2,5 hour drive and it lays at the other end (east) of the country. Small country isn't it. But we live in the flatlands while in Heerlen the hills begin. The snow had made a nice postcard picture there and we went for a beautifull walk in the snow.


Walking through a snowy wonderland

Summer's development has stopped a bit now. A little rest for the great new leap. Standing agoinst the furniture is a great hobby now. Thats nice because in this position you can disturb the game that your sister and mum are playing. And in the cupboard you can reach the second shelf. And on that shelf lie the potato chips. She managed to get a sack and open it. When I catched her she grinned at me.

I can stand up....nah nah nah

She's rea;;y getting to talk and communicate. Signing is really easy. 'sleep'and 'ready' are signs she uses. But she talks at the same time. 'Sleep', Eat, drink are words she uses all the time now.

Merel's doing fine to. Recently she started classes at the ballet school. She's been asking about it ever since she saw 'Barbie in the Nutcracker'. So now she dancing around in het pink ballet outfit.

Ready (up) and Sleep (under) are known signs now.                   our ballerina.

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