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month 18

February 5th

Our lives are getting less and less spectacular every day. Although sometimes things get to you like a tv broadcast about plastic surgery on children with DS. 

This broadcast held me busy a while. I just can't understand that some parents do this to their children. In my opinion it has nothing to do with loving your child en everything with being ashamed. Ashamed that people will watch and stare and accepting that this is a fact of life and that you can have difficulties with it or just take it as it is and be open about it. Your child has Down's. Learn to accept it.

I think when you are open about it, the society will learn to deal with our children. Its the dillema  between changing our child of changing society. And if you, like these parents did, say that society just cant be changed, you roll over and surrender and make your child , even physically, fit in.
The message that we as a parent send then to the world is that the ones who dont accept our kids are right to do so. I hope that I will teach my daughter that she can be proud of herself. With Down and all that comes with it. Her face is beautifull as it is. It's perfect. And changing it would be mutilating her. 

That was my little speech of the month. Now back to everyday live. All kinds of little virusses keep on floating around. 
We went on a little holliday in a resort. But Summer didnt feel good at all. She slept very bad and she made us clear that she really likes to be in her own environment.

Merel is crazy about the Ballet. Its real fun to see a class of 4 and 5 year olds running around in pink ballet uniforms.

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