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the first crisis is over and she on the respitor and got a lot of tubes in her



beats per minute, here it's 139 bloodpressure thats being measured from an IV in her artery the preasure in her belly measured from an IV in the laun saturation, or the percentage of oxygen in her blood the frequenty of breathtaking the bodytemperature the skintemperature
This is the monitor who keeps track of everything that happens to her
If you wanna know what everything is, you stop the pointer over it and it will be explained

In the worst period Summer is on 11 IV pumps with drugs in them, painkillers, drugs to keep her paralyzed and some drugs to keep her heart working.
There's an monitor to keep track of her heartrate, respatory functions, temperature and bloodpressure.
And a respatory machine that takes over her breathing and helps her with enough oxygen.








 septembre 9th and the battle is in full fight.
Dad made a nametag because that looks cosy and
mr. Elephant is helping to blow the air in.

everybody takes care of her

Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld