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Month 10 and 11

June 7th 2001

There's been some busy weeks here. Lots of visits and visitors. But thats nice.
First big friend and futurt Son-in-law Rick had a tryout sleeping here. Rick had a ball. But at the end of the day he was really tired and by the time I was finished with putting my two girls to bed, he and the wife ware fast asleep on the couch.

The weather is getting better to. Nice and sunny so time for a picknick with the girls. Merel loves that. Eating sandwiches on the grass and picking flowers.

She wanted to take our picture. So here the result. A future photographer at work.

On Saturday the new daycare center Snoopy was opened. It's the center where her friend Rick allready stays and Summer wil be going there in Septembre.
They had a big bouncy cushion and lots of candy and icecream. Merel was in heaven.

I am trying to set up a help line for parents who just had there baby. A way for new parents to make contact with parents who allready been there.

This site draws a lot of attention and I see that there's a need for something like this.
We allready met a lot of new parents and I really enjoy being there for them in the first weeks. A bit of support and help in that difficult and dark Downforest.
Thats what we did with little Manon, Summers newest friend.

Manon en Cecile

June 30th

In the past two weeks Summer gained a new friend again. We went out to meet Jordan and her family. Jordan is 10 weeks old now and has a heartproblem. She will get surgery in the near future.
It feels good to give support to others. Now, almost a year since Summer's birth, I think back every now and then. And looking back you know how you really needed that support. When I read back what has happened through that year the emotions of the moment are back.
And you notice how strong a human being can be. If you have a positive attitude you can cope with a lot. Although it draws energy. Sometimes you feel so tired.

Summer and Jordan and her mum Wndy

The birthdays are due. Tomorow the first one. Merel's getting four years old. A big step because she going to pre-school or kindergarten now.
And then Summer's day. 1 year old she will be the 20th. Time flies.
Next time I will tell you all about the birthdays


Before you celebrate your birthday its essential that you can Hurrah.
So we went in to training to learn Summer that. And in 2 days she understood. Her hands rise up and her little thumbs go into her ears when we say Hip Hip.