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decembre 15th

At last, Sinterklaas is gone home to Spain. Heaps of gifts are unwrapped. And the christmas tree is allready decorated. This season is always very nice but also a busy time for the kids, they act as if there's a tornado coming our way. Merel is asking when Santa comes with his gifts.

Merel en Summer with heaps of gifts

In our little house everything is fine, except for some flue. The kids are stormy! Even Summer , who always was real quiet, is letting us hear her voice in a loud manner. She talks the whole day long and her sleepy time is getting shorter and shorter. Even at night she is making philisophical conversation with Winnie the Pooh. I usually sleep right through this( caused by my internet addiction and the late hour I go to sleep) but Arenka wakes up and takes a look then.I

At last the cristmas tree is in the room
And what a surprise, the next day it's still there

Every day I do my physical therapy with Joke
look how good i do my push ups


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld