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March 21st

Weeks have gone by in which we made a lot of visits.
First we went to Milou and Vera. Milou, who has Down's to, is younger then Summer and wants to know everything that happens around her.

Vera, Merel, Milou and Summer

Her big friend Rick came by too. He had heared that there was another guy try to take his place and he wanted to reassure that this didn't happen. And today he went swimming with her.

His mum, who's a very clever lady, made sure that Summer and Rick would be together. She helped us to find a daycare center. Just happened to be the same one as the one her son went to. She's so smart. So now there gonna see eachother ones a week.

Rick the comedian

Mum went to the hairdressers. When she came back with a new look, Merel started to cry and Summer had to look a few times before she was sure that that was her mother.

It takes a bit getting used to, mummy's new hair

I've been a bit down these weeks. Summer's not developing very fast in my eyes. And I do have some troubles with that. It all becomes so clear now. And I compare her with normal kids and other Downies, something I shouldn't but I do. Will these kind of days ever end? Probably not.

just hanging around