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Septembre 9th

Just another short update. There are so many things happening now.
After Summer made it in to a sitting position by her self, she made the decision to go a step further.
The day before yesterday she started to crawl. Very cautiosly. Hand for hand. This is so great to see.

Eating is still a struggle. She lives on dairy products and eating hard things isnt really her thing. But to my surprise Merel entered her pen yesterday and she was feeding her Liga. And she ate it.

mmmmm Liga.             Watching when dad's coming home

We also made some visits again. Little Jill is seven weeks old and will be operated next week. Jill got two problems. an AVSD and TOF. They will fix them both. We hope she will be better soon and this will all be a bad memory.

Up: Jill before the big day               below: Belle Manon

And we went to Manon again. Manon is 5 months old now and a real beauty. She is one of the most beautifull Downies I have seen. Small and delicate. This isnt a real surprise because she has French blood in her little body. And the French women are the most beautifull in the world (they say).

Month 14