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month 12


21 juli 2001

We have had all the birthdays... Today was Summer's but July 1st was Merel's. We had a party in the playground. What a happy day. The sun was shining, all the kids ware playing and the adults drank a little drink. A succesfull day...

Merel's birthday

In the meantime we visited the Down medical team in the Hague twice. The ware very content about how she's doing. It's always great to hear that. The team consists of all medicall en therapeuticall disciplines that we encounter. They have a lot of knowledge about Down and give a second opinion to our regular doctors. A few parents are helping to. They talk with the visiting parents about there experience with having a child with Down's.
One of those parents is Sandra. Sandra has a daughter, Arlette, of 7. She is going to elementary school soon. These are the examples you get hope out. Maybe Summer is like this to in 6 years time. 

Today we celebrated Summer's birthday. The last week was hard. Getting out of bed with a bad feeling. No reason, Just feeling down. After a year of emotions, it has to come out. It makes you realize what happened in a year time.
The result is that I look at Sum when she is playing and the tears roll down my face. There is a lot of hidden pain.
And then you see your little girl sitting in that big hall. A hall filled with people who ment something for us. Who has shown interest or support in one way or the other. Who ware there for us.
And thats emotional. Arenka asked me to say a little word but I couldn't. 
But Summer enjoyed all the attention. She dived in her cake and babled with her friends. Rick, ofcourse, but Milou, Timon, Arlette, Romy, Silke and Melanie. And these ware only her downyfriends. A first birthday like it should be.

I wanna thank everybody for being there, for accepting her for who she is. You all have a place in our hearts.