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octobre 5th

Today we went to the Thyroxine trial.
They examined Summer and she scored high. They look at usual things as weight and length but more important is the speed in which information travels through her nerves. The medicin their testing, Thyroxine, is believed to improve the nerves, so the information goes faster to the brains and will improve the way Downies reacte and move.

They test this by sending a electrical pulse through her wrist and watch how fast it arrives in the brain.

She is gaining weight fast now and weights a bit over 4 kg. And she let's us know she's around.

This week there was a carnival in town, like every year in octobre 3th. The city of Leiden celebrates the liberation from spanish occupation in the 16th century. Merel went into town with mam, aunt Patty, uncle Ger and cousin Wesley. And she wanted to ride everything. Because Mam and Patty ware a bit scared they went with her in the miniwheel.
With 2 of those mammies in the wheel you could hear the man of the wheel thinking:'how am i ever gonna make that wheel turn'.

The kids enjoyed it all. And dad stayed at home to watch Summer.

We arent afraid of anything !!!


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld