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novembre 11th

It was a good week.
Everything is going smooth. Tuesday a short visit with the pediatrician and she was very pleased about Summer's condition.
Thursday was not so good. We had an appointment with her ear doctor and that department is the worst in the whole hospital. What a chaos. When we enterd and reported at reception I received a paper with a number. The one we use here at the butchers or bakers. They told me right away they ware running late. I responded that my little girl was only 4 months old and that I would go if she wasnt helped within half an hour.
After 40 minutes I walked but not after telling them it was unacceptable.
Just a morning waisted.

She smiles outloud now and she finds me so funny. We practice every day to stimulate her muscles.

our little ghost wants to sit and see

Merel is somewhat easier again. Santa Claus (the dutch one called Sinterklaas who visits the kids in Holland and gives them presents at decembre 5th) is coming soon. She tells us what she wants to get from him. For the first time in her live she went to bed alone. Merel always was a child who wanted a lot of contact. She sleeps in our bed most nights, something thats rather cosey ones you are used to it.

I wanna thank everyone for the lovely and warm responses we got. It's good to feel.


Copyright 2001 Rob Breedeveld