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august 12th

Today Rick Zethof and his parents came to visit. We met them through the internet and he is an example of everything that will happen to Summer. When something like this happens you experience so much loving people around you. They are dears and understand everything that we feel and think. Rick is a big guy, such a contrast with our little girl just grasoing for some air. But if everything goes well it will be the same here and she will be healthy to.

Rick Zethof resting on daddy's leg

august 17th

The weekly visit to the Ped. has passed again and nothing new to report. Nothing known yet about the operation.

Summer is in reasonable shape and is starting to make noises. Her sound was so raw today that even the cries ware very softly. 
I started the 'early intervention' program just to have a feeling I'm doing something. And its true, every little progress is making me happy and hopefully it's an indication of how her mental development is, although you really know better.
The search for daycare has started to and when the operation is over she can go there for the day I am at work.

Arenka lijkt nu soms extra bezorgd bij elk geluid en huiltje. Het word nu ook steeds duidelijker dat de operatie toch zwaar is en er veel kan misgaan.

Its very strange but since we have a Downie you see a lot more of them around. Just walking into town we meet a mother with a 3 year old in a stroller. And you start talking. She invites us for a ring of parents.

august 18th

If you see this angel could you imagine there's a little devil hidden in here sometimes?

Merel is really acting up now. She's a real pain and is making us crazy, so bad i get desperate sometimes. Everybody says its normal but it isnt making us feel better. She has her sweet moments and her sister is very important at the moment. And everything we do she does to, and so she plays doctor on her little sister.

dr. Merel is listening

But the visitors are very welcome because they all bring presents for her.


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