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month 16

December 14th 2001

Total sickness has struck our home between the different festivities. Sinterklaas has gone back with his boat to sunny Spain while we are sitting here with minus 4 Celsius. And virusses are all around us. Computer as well as the cold virus. The first one doesn't really bother me although the virus scanner warns me several times a day. The cold and flue is a bit harder to control and we are all affected by it. The coughing goes on especially in the evening and at night. Summer just had 6 days of fever and is now getting somewhat better. 

Sinterklaas paid us a visit again. This resulted in a big pile of presents. I definately need to build a room extra in the house. A pile of Barbies and other playstuff where delivered in our little home.

On school she's doing somewhat better again to. She's found a girlfriend, Myrthe. Myrthe comes over to play every now and then and they really enjoy that.
And the whole story of Maria on her way to Bethlehem is reallt intriging her.

Merel en Myrthe

Merel's got a lot of fantasy. Sometimes thats a good thing but it can get in the way. In her fantasising things she goes to far sometimes. Now she seems to think that Arenka and me are helping Santa in the evening and we leave her and her sister alone. I've tried to make her understand that in our country Santa doesnt come because we have Sinterklaas. One fantasy figure a year is more then enough.


In the meantime the Christmas tree is on again and while I'm typing this the lights flash around me.
I am surprised to say that Summer has no interest in the tree and the decorations. I was prepared that she would pull everything out of the tree.
Shaking her head and talking all day. Thats something she does do.

Well this is the last I will write for this year.
For everybody a very nice holliday and lots of good for 2002...